Introduction of Trout Streams in Ashe County, North Carolina

Ashe County, North Carolina offers a wide range of streams and rivers to fish. Along with those streams comes different approaches to fish each of the streams. None of these streams fish alike, and all offer their own challenges. In this blog I will be introducing these streams to you. In later blogs I will break down each stream into more detail that will include crucial information to your success in fishing these small streams.

The trout streams in Ashe County break down into different categories. These categories are Hatchery Supported, Delayed Harvest, Wild Waters, and Catch and Release Single Hook Artificial Lure. The most common stream in Ashe County is the Hatchery Supported streams. Listed below will be the streams in their prospective categories.

Hatchery Supported Streams: Big Laurel Creek, North Fork New River, Three Top Creek, Big Horse Creek, Nathans Creek, Buffalo Creek, Beaver Creek, Peak Creek, Roan Creek, Pine Swamp Creek, and Cranberry Creek.

Delayed Harvest Streams: Helton Creek, Big Horse Creek, and Trout Lake

Wild Trout Streams: Small stream near Big Laurel Creek

Catch and Release Streams: Big Horse Creek

The most popular stream in Ashe County is Helton Creek. It is located near Lansing, North Carolina. You can access this creek off NC HWY 194 and NC HWY 16. This stream will be my next blog that will go into more detail. Close to Helton is Big Horse Creek. Big Horse offers all different types of trout fishing being that it is Hatchery Supported, Delayed Harvest, and Catch and Release. Big Horse is located right alongside the small town of Lansing.

Ashe County offers excellent trout fishing during all seasons. The most important thing to know is where to fish. Hopefully these upcoming blogs will help you in determining if Ashe County is the place for you to fish. If not I hope I can at least supply you with information you can apply to the streams you live near based on my analysis of these streams. If not there will be blogs hopefully entertaining about personal experiences as well as tall tales of fishing. Each blog will be labeled if it is a true story or a tall tale. I am excited to share this information and hope you enjoy the ride.


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