Fly Fishing Adventures

So today I thought it would be a nice day for some fishing, I ended up getting in a rush and thought I had all my fishing gear in my vehicle. I headed to my favorite fishing spot Helton Creek in Lansing, North Carolina. When I finally reached my destination I went around to the back of my old beat up Ford Explorer. To my dismay I noticed that I did not have any of my fishing equipment. So I did what all avid fisherman would do and created my own fishing rod.

I used a new sapling as the actual rod itself. I then located some fishing hooks and broke them off and used them as the eyelets. After that I found an old bag in my vehicle with a rubber like band that was attached to the zipper and used it to hold the Orvis reel on the rod. I then found a strike indicator and an old sinker. Luckily I still had an old woolly bugger in my vehicle as well. I had some pliers and a knife also in my vehicle to help put this together. If I had duct tape this would have made the process a lot smoother. I then put everything together and took it for its first test run.

Surprisingly, this homemade rod cast relatively well. Its maximum cast was about 10 yards. Anything further than that I would have to throw the lure with the sinker. This would maximize the distance to roughly 20 yards. The weight used on the lure actually let this rod drift good in fast and slow moving current. After a few fishing holes, and about 20 cast later I had finally caught my first fish using this rod. This would be my only fish, but it was an experience like no other. It just goes to show you that you don’t need fancy fishing equipment to catch fish. All you need is motivation, determination, and an addiction to fly fishing. I think however, the next time I make a rod like this I will try to get the cast up to 20 yards without throwing the lure, and I would like to make the rod look nicer than this one as well.

I am calling this rod the Orivs Stick 2.0.


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