Orvis Superfine Touch Rod Review

I have had the pleasure of owing the Orvis Superfine Touch for 2 years now. It now has been discontinued. Just because it has be discontinued does not mean you shouldn’t pick up the rod if you see if for cheap. The model I have is a 7 ft 9 inch rod 5 weight, and breaks down into 4 sections. It delivers a slow action. This is perfect for presenting a dry fly with pin point accuracy. The smallest of dry flies will land with a feather like touch not making any splash when it lands. Because my rod is 7 ft 9 inches it makes it the ideal rod for smaller streams, but still is versatile enough to even fish for bass on the river. Being that this rod packs down into 4 sections makes it perfect for taking on backpacking trips. The length of the rod in its case is approximately 3 feet in length.

Honest Opinion:

This Orvis Superfine Touch is the ideal rod for anyone who wants to fish small streams, creeks, or rivers. It is sturdy enough to catch large trout and bass. It delivers the fly where you want it to go. The beautiful sleek design of the Orvis Superfine Touch is like no other. To me this rod is best rod I have ever used and owned. I would recommend this rod to anyone. The only downside to this rod is throwing large streamers. This can cause the rod not to cast as accurate as say a 9ft rod would. However, Orvis makes different rods for different fly fishing needs.

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