First Poem “For Today Is The Day”

So today, I was reminiscing on the day I had caught the fish of a life time. I say this only because it happened on my birthday, and I originally did not have this fish on the other end of the line. If you want to read that story it is listed under The Experience of a Lifetime as a blog post. You might want to read that before this poem. I thought it would be interesting attempting to write a poem. I think this poem portrays that story, but I haven’t ever written a poem before so it might not be that great.

If you read this poem let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated both negative and positive. You cannot improve if you don’t know your strengths weaknesses. Anyways I hope you enjoy this take.


For Today Is The Day

By: Tanner Goodman


Once upon a warm summer day, while I pondered was today the day

On a small stream bank I lay, as I rest and pray

With intentions on landing the big one, forgetting I had just begun

My motivation was slipping, however the line continued stripping

Trout dancing with the hatch, as I mimic and try to match

Match the hatch spoke a voice in my head, wondering if I was still in bed

Dreaming if the trout were scheming, but all I could think about was redeeming

For today was the day, The day I land my record trout


The record fish I said to myself, with dreary eyes and good health

For it was early morning, the sun still a yearning

Yearning to peak through the trees, as the creek was flooded with bees

The humming of bees, and the sound of the stream alongside the breeze

I thought fishing was easy until today, on this warm summer day in May

Cool and collected was this stream, mimic i must before I lose my self-esteem

Remembering what my elders had said, but I continue on instead

For today is the day, The day I land my record trout


Casting the line over and over again, sometimes reeling one in

Fish were easy to come by, however only one could slip my eye

The elusive brown trout, covered in its red specs of doubt

With a yellow belly shimmering in the sun, still forgetting I had just begun

Begun this journey with a weight on the end of the line, right in the nick of time

With my heart racing, I steadied myself for the impending chasing

The chase of a lifetime, with a fish on the other end of the line

For today is the day, The day I land my record trout


An epic chase had emerged, the feeling of doubt raged with a surge

The cloud of doubt was reached in judgement, with previous trout becoming reluctant

Reluctant for staying on my line, my motivation was on a decline

This just based off previous experience, the trout who had been so mysterious

Hiding in the depths of the creek, as I continue to critique

Critique my abilities on fishing, however a voice that could not go without dismissing

The voice spoke to me instead, a voice that could not be mislead

For today is the day, The day I land my record trout


A small fish had struck the end of my line, as I started to whine

Whine about the size of the fish, before the ripples started to swish

With a large figure emerging from the depths, I began to take deep breaths

This figure bumped my line with an overwhelming strength, I could see its length

The trout was making a statement, and it caused me amazement

Amazed it had stuck on the other end of my line, with this it sent a shiver down my spine

A shiver you could not forget, I stayed positive and tried not to get upset

For today is the day, The day I land my record trout


I started to reel this fish in, as the trout took me for a spin

A ride of a lifetime that could not be put into words, as the fish began to take its turns

Turns going up and down the stream, I was still thinking this was just a dream

The fish came closer and closer, As I try and gain my composure

The thoughts of landing this fish became a reality, as you could see this fish had vitality

The trout was a strong fighter, but it began to welter

Tired it was finally landed in my net, an experience I won’t ever forget

For today was the day, The day I landed my record trout

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